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The New York Times


Snapchat is the social media with the highest penetration in the united states in the 18-29 range. Starting from this basis, Snapchat carried out a research that showed how the 2020 elections marked an important "turn-out", young people voted more than ever thanks to movements that are born and live within social media of the yellow ghost. The article presents several case studies of young people who have entrusted their social projects to the platform, aimed at raising the awareness of young people on issues of global importance such as racism, climate warming or violence in American high schools.
The article presents a very intuitive scroll, without particular interactions or digital "special effects", which the editorial staff of the Times has now accustomed us to.
The case studies report the projects and the words of their protagonists, young and full of hopes for a better future.
The real focus of the article is to encourage young people to vote for their future.
In this case, the Snapchat company is very present thanks to a very strong visual identity, but there are no major references to the platform itself, the content is information and encouragement.